How do I use the User Report?

The User report is a dashboard that breaks down each User's daily productivity.

  • From the Navigation Sidebar, click Statistics and then User.

  • Select a Technician from the menu in the window's top right corner.

  • This report provides an overview of each User's daily productivity. 

  • Each User report is broken up into four sections: 
    • Notes
    • Events
    • Modified Orders
    • Repairs

  • For comparative analysis, you can choose a second technician from the menu in the top right corner.


  • The Notes section provides an overview of the total Issue, Diagnosis, Resolution, and Detail notes a User uses on a specific date. 


  • The Events section provides an overview of the different ways a User interacts with Orders on a specific date, including:
    • Orders created
    • Status changes
    • Orders assigned
    • Deliveries created
    • Multiple Others

Modified Orders

  • Modified Orders shows a list of any Orders a technician has updated or modified on a specific date. 


  • Repairs shows a list of any Repairs created through an OEM Integration such as GSX.