How do I import a customer database?

Adding customers one at a time makes sense if you deal with new individual customers. This step-by-step guide shows you how to add customers in bulk.

Importing Customers

  1. From the Navigation Sidebar, select Users and then click Customers.

  2. Click Customer Import to open the Import panel.

  3. Click the Document Icon and select your import file. Import files must be formatted correctly in a single Microsoft Excel or CSV file sheet. For CSV files, select the appropriate CSV delimiter

  4. An example CSV file can be downloaded along with a list of all of the fields available for import.

  5. Click Submit to begin the import.

Note: The file you are importing must not be more than 5000 rows or have a file size larger than 20MB. 

Accepted Fields

Field name Description Type Required
company Customer company name String Yes*
firstName Customer's first name String Yes*
lastName Customer's last name String Yes*
businessId Business ID String No
parent Parent customer. Company name or Fixably id (if exists) accepted. String/Integer No
location Default service location. Location name or Fixably id accepted. String/Integer No
phone Customer's phone number String No
email Customer's email String No
contactMethod Customer's preferred contact method. Options: sms, email, call String No
notes Free text notes. String No
lang_id Customer language code (e.g. en, sv or fi). String No
address1 Customer's shipping address line 1 String No
address2 Customer's shipping address line 2 String No
address3 Customer's shipping address line 3 String No
city Customer's shipping address city String No
state Customer's shipping address state String No
zip Customer's shipping postal/zip String No
country Customer's shipping address country code (US, GB, SE). String No
billingAddress1 Customer's billing address line 1 String No
billingAddress2 Customer's billing address line 2 String No
billingAddress3 Customer's billing address line 3 String No
billingCity Customer's billing address city String No
billingState Customer's billing address state String No
billingZip Customer's billing postal/zip String No
billingCountry Customer's billing address country code (e.g. en, sv or fi) String No
ovt OVT ID String No
iban E-invoicing address (IBAN) String No
operator Operator. Must be OVT or SWIFT. String No
billingEmail Email for billing String No
provider Provider String No
identifier Identifier for customer's provider String No
createLogin Create a login for customer portal. 0 = No, 1 = Yes   No
tags Tags for the customer. Separted by comma , String No
vatNumber VAT Number for customer String No
ssn Social security number of customer String No

* Either company or first & last lame are required