How can I use AzureAD with Fixably?

This article is a step-by-step guide to help Fixably Administrators enable AzureAD authentication and secure sign-on in your Fixably environment.

First Steps

  • AzureAD authentication is not available with all subscription plans. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information. 
  • Fixably Support must enable AzureAD in your environment before a company administrator follows the settings below. 

Enabling AzureAD

  1. From the Fixably Home Screen, click on your User Name menu and then System Settings

  2. From the settings menu, click Security.

  3. Under Select third-party authentication, select AzureAD.

  4. Login to your company's Microsoft Azure account. 

  5. From the Overview page, copy the Directory ID to the Tenant ID field in Fixably.

  6. Copy the Application ID to the Client ID field in Fixably.

  7. From the Certificates & secrets page, click New client secret. Add a description and Save. Copy the value from Azure to the Client Secret field in Fixably.

  8. If applicable, fill in the Scope field. This can also be left empty.

  9. Clicking Disables default login method will disable the default login method where the User is prompted for a Username and Password.

  10. Clicking Account required before login will require a User account to exist in the system before the User can use the AzureAD account to login.

  11. When complete, click Save Settings.

User Sign-in with AzureAD Enabled

  1. Once configured, Fixably will replace the traditional Username and Password fields with a  Sign in with Microsoft button.

  2. The User can sign into your Fixably environment using their company AzureAD credentials.

Change Log

2022-06-23 - New Article