How does Search work?

Are you looking to find something? The Universal Search Bar allows you to search using a wide range of criteria, no matter where in Fixably you are.

The Universal Search Bar is available from any part of Fixably. 

Searching for at least two characters will fetch a filtered list of match Devices, Customers and Orders that match your search criteria.


Search Prefixes

Narrow your search by using any of Fixably's available Search Prefixes

  1. Click the ? beside the Universal Search Bar.

  2. A list of available Search Prefixes will appear.

  3. Add the Search Prefix to the Universal Search Bar by clicking it or typing it into the field. 

  4. Fixably will add the Search Prefix. Continue adding your search criteria.

  5. Click Return or Enter on your keyboard to search. A list matching your search criteria will appear.