What Reports are available in Fixably?

Fixably has built-in Reports that cover many everyday business needs. Fixably can also customize reports to the individual requirements of your business.

  • From the Navigation Sidebar, click Statistics and then Reports.

  • Use the drop-down menu to view the built-in or custom Reports available for your business. The built-in Reports will cover many frequently used business needs. If you require a custom Report, please contact Fixably Support with the specific requirements. 

  • Select the appropriate Report. Additional filters may appear depending on the Report, allowing you to filter by date range or other information.

  • When you have added your required filters, click Get Report.

  • Fixably will display the requested information.

  • Use Column Visibility to customize which columns are visible.

  • You can export Reports in the following formats:
    • Excel
    • CSV
    • PDF

  • You can also Print or Copy the data to paste into another application.