How do I use Fixably to mark a Part as DOA in GSX?

This article is a step-by-step walk-through to help Technicians use Fixably to mark Parts as DOA in GSX.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Order.
  2. Find the Part you want to mark as DOA in the Products and Services menu.
  3. Click on Add serial number.
  4. Add the KGB and KBB serial numbers.
  5. When complete, click Save Changes.
  6. Click on the Part Number and then select Set as DOA.
  7. Confirm that you want to set the Part as DOA by clicking Ok.
  8. The Product Card will appear. Click Bring to Order.
  9. Fill in the Symptom, Issue, Reproducibility and other required information. When complete, click Bring to Order.
  10. When the replacement Part has been added to the Order, click the GSX Dispatch to sync with GSX and request the replacement from Apple. 

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